Dental Services


Dr. Rhayem offers a variety of services, from general dentistry to highly skilled cosmetic & restorative dentistry covering all patient ages and groups.

General DentistryWhile providing a wide variety of advanced cosmetic & restorative procedures, Dr. Z is a trusted dentist to many for all general & preventative care.

  • Regular Cleanings:
    In order to control plaque build up, regular dental cleanings are very important. Dr. Z recommends a regular checkup every 3-6 months depending on each patient. 
  • Fillings:
    Fillings are commonly in composite resin or porcelain and they mimic the appearance of natural teeth.
  • Gum Diseases:
    One of the top reasons for tooth loss in adults is gum disease. Many patients don’t know that they have gum disease because it is almost painless. Bleeding gums, swollen, red or tender gums, and gum recession are all obvious signs of gum disease.
  • Mouthguards:
    Teeth grinding can cause pain in the jaw, worn teeth and possible abnormalities. A custom fitted nighttime mouthguard could be the solution for teeth grinding. Mouthguard are also a great solution to protect your teeth while playing sports.

Restorative DentistryRestorative dentistry can help improve a variety of common dental issues, including missing teeth; chipped, cracked or worn teeth; permanently stained or discolored teeth; crooked or crowded teeth; and more.

  • Bridges & Dental Implants:
    Dental Implants & Bridges are mainly used to replace missing teeth. Dental Implants help permanently replace missing teeth. They look like natural teeth, and can last a lifetime. A titanium implant body replaces the root of your tooth, and a tooth colored crown is cemented on top of the implant. Bridges help replace one or more missing teeth. Gold, alloys, porcelain, or a combination can be used. It’s important that the gums, surrounding teeth & bone are healthy and strong.
  • TMJ – TMD:
    TMJ/TMD refer to the joints between your jaw and skull. These joints get a lot of use throughout the day as you speak, chew, swallow, and yawn. When pain in and around these joints exists Temporomandibular Disorder, or TMD may be the cause. Common symptoms include pain in jaw, regular headaches, ringing & stiffness in ears, muscle spasms & more etc.
  • Occlusal Disease:
    Occlusal disease is caused by the misalignment of jaws in relation to the Temporomandibular joint. Common symptoms include muscle pain, soreness, enamel wear, tooth cracking & sensitivity etc.

Cosmetic DentistryCosmetic dentistry is not a specialty on its own; it is an art acquired through experience. Cosmetic dentistry is based on the knowledge of the doctor, the predictability of the case, and the expectation of the patient. Dr. Z’s focus is to improve both the appearance and function of teeth.

  • Bonding:
    Much like a regular filling, tooth bonding utilizes white composite resin to cosmetically improve the appearance of teeth. It serves to repair slightly chipped, discolored, or crooked teeth. Bonding is both a cosmetic and restorative procedure.
  • Crowns, Inlays & Onlays:
    Crowns, Inlays & Onlays are used for cosmetic restoration to improve and strengthen teeth that are broken, worn or have had a portion destroyed by tooth decay. They are custom manufactured in a lab for each patient, and adhere to an existing tooth, essentially becoming the outer surface.
  • Veneers:
    Veneers are thin, custom-made shells made from tooth-colored porcelain, designed to cover the front side of your teeth. Veneers can hide gaps, chips, stains, or misshapen teeth.
  • Teeth Whitening:
    A bright smile is perceived as a healthy smile. Dr. Z will choose the best procedure for you. Teeth whitening is one of the most economical ways to enhance your smile. Both offices also have take-home kits (custom fitted trays or peel and apply pre-loaded trays) if you prefer. We also offer the newest sensitivity bleaching for sensitive patients, which requires multiple visits.